Our Approach to Yoga  


Borba Yoga is a way to Enlightenment. A way to find Peace and Harmony within you; it is rooted in ancient tradition, but is unique in its modern-day transformational journey on the path to a more joyous life--both on and off the yoga mat. Here there is no guru to follow, just follow your heart. 

Welcome to the journey. Namaste.

We listen to our body's messages

Make no mistake; every cell knows when you are unhappy, anxious or stressed.

Breathing exercises

Exercises using your breath to calm emotions and thoughts, bringing forward strength and  positive qualities. 



Your body and mind are meant to be a whole, and to ensure that they are, your whole existence is based on feedback loops. Body listens to mind; mind listens to body. Awareness is the link.  A cell awareness is expressed in chemical reactions instead of words. The message comes through loud and clear.

             Mantra and Music

We use spiritually charged words, phrases, music and songs to calm the mind and bring forward the consciousness of our deeper self.  


Guided exercises to help you connect to your inner spiritual heart.