Premium Hemp Salve 500mg
  • Premium Hemp Salve 500mg

    Our Premium Hemp Salve features Organic lavender and eucalyptus mingling with earthy notes of beeswax and MCT oil. The overall profile is clean, herbal, and subtly medicinal. This product is a creamy and very firm in the jar, but it warms up easily when worked with fingertips, melting easily into the skin and creating a protective barrier at the surface. It’s a great consistency for applying to damaged skin like burns to shield them from harm and provide antiseptic properties. The product absorbs into the skin over time, but it will take a little bit. This makes the CBD salve good for targeted massage to alleviate tension, but maybe less good if you’re trying to get dressed immediately after application, so keep that in mind as you use it.

    • How to use it

      This Organic Salve with CBD (500 mg per ounce) makes it effective at targeting inflammation, pain, and redness at the surface of the skin while promoting healing and providing antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits.

      When applied to muscles and joints, the salve is outstanding at alleviating pain and inflammation (and becomes even more effective when paired with a systemic dose of CBD).  On damaged or inflamed skin, the product works to reduce redness, promote circulation and healing, and protecting the wound from bacteria.

      When applied consistently, we noticed a marked improvement in the condition of muscles, joints, and injuries.  We feel this product would be very beneficial for things like sunburns, but it’s also effective for pain and tension relief in large muscle groups. Apply in the affected area and massage for few minutes. 

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